About Us

Bruner Pharmacy is a full-line pharmacy and Hallmark Gold Crown gift store that has been serving the people of southwest Missouri for over fifty years.Gold Crown_100

Founded in 1962 by M. Gayle Bruner in downtown Monett, MO and built on the philosophy of taking care of the needs of others.

Business and the practice of pharmacy has changed greatly over the past five decades, but the core philosophy has remained the same.  With Gayle’s son John now overseeing the store, he and his staff make it their focus to assist people in solving their problems and satisfying their needs, and are still doing so from the same location at 321 Broadway.

Bruner Pharmacy is now an 8000-square-foot store stocked with all of the traditional OTC medications you would expect to find as well as the types of items you hope to find in a pharmacy but never can at the “box stores”.  The pharmacy can assist you with all of your prescription medication needs, including compounding medications not commercially available.

Browsing through the store will treat you to a great selection of Hallmark cards & gifts which are continually refreshed. In addition to Hallmark items you will find a great selection of many other popular gift lines to satisfy most any need. When you visit you will be reminded of how helpful and friendly the hometown pharmacy can be.

Taking care of our neighbors’ needs and treating them fairly has allowed us to grow over the last fifty years and we are looking forward to the next fifty!

321 Broadway
Monett, MO 65708
Phone: (417) 235-3139
Fax: (417) 459-4783

John Bruner, RPh
A.J. Bahl, RPh

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